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PDP Representative Highlights

  • Open territory
  • Low start-up cost
  • Low overhead
  • No real estate
  • No inventory
  • Residual income
  • Marketing resources
  • Term = 5 years / Renewals = 5 years
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The Business of Being a PDP Representative

Primary_Rep_Information-3As a Primary Licensee Representative, the opportunity to develop and grow your business is accomplished through these three markets:

  1. Client—a business or organization that is certified and licensed to use the PDP system.
  2. Licensed Associate (LA)—an individual or organization that operates as a sub-licensee of Primary Licensee and is committed to selling and training for PDP market expansion of Client system sales.

Multiple Streams of Income Potential

Client System Sales—Each time you sell a PDP client, you earn:


of Initial Training—Certified PDP Professional (2-day course) and Certified ProScan Mentor (1-day course)


of PDPworks product sales (excluding maintenance fee)—residual income


on PowerApp facilitation services, totaling: e.g. $5,000-$25,000+ per sale


of consulting services—JobModeling, One-on-one coaching (e.g. $5,000-$10,000+)

Licensed Associate (LA) Sales

—With an LA being a sub-licensee of your Primary License, you have an obligation to support your LA while earning:

70% of $7,500 ($10,000 International) initial LA investment fee for signing on LA

30% on each LA Client System Sale—initial certification

30% of PDPworks product purchases—residual income

Your Business—A Proven Management System

Driven, sales-oriented individuals and organizations with expertise in business development,management and operations.

  • Merge your experience with the industries that excite you.
  • Connect with executive and management levels.
  • Impart knowledge through certification services and make a difference in the life of the organization, as well as in the lives of each individual working to realize their dreams and passions.
  • Join us in a rewarding and fulfilling business of developing long-term Client relationships with residual income!

Road to Success

PDP provides a business-to-business license of independence and ownership in a potentially lucrative enterprise. Our representative philosophy is simple—teach people how to fish, don’t just give them the fish.

As a Licensed PDP Representative, enjoy:


  • Marketing and selling PDP products and services to client organizations
  • Training client users to apply, implement, and administer the PDP Management System
  • Helping clients integrate PDP into their organization
  • Providing additional strategic planning services
  • Expanding your sales network through Licensed Associates (sub-licensing)

No one has a product like us! In fact, if you use the product as part of your sales approach, you already have a leg up because you have insight into the person to whom you are selling. Now that I have my network, the product sells itself through the referrals I get. Who would not want to take advantage of the residual incomes you get from PDP?

Joe Dowd

Representative Since 1978

I have the freedom to build my own business, grow it, and really do what I want to do with it. I recognize the value of maintaining my the business my way, while getting 70% commission. My business has been on the web since the beginning and has worked really well. Having the license we do as PDP Representatives, and being able to sell anywhere is awesome! The world is your oyster. I can’t work fast enough!

Lori Coruccini

Representative Since 2004

Simple, yet so profound. PDP systems are dynamic, providing answers when you need them. The same metrics used to determine top performers are used to motivate, communicate, manage, and build high performance teams.”

Brent W. Hubby

President/CEO, PDP Global

What size of organizations use PDP?

Organizations from as small as ten individuals to as large as a Fortune 500 company can use PDP to benefit their staff and make a difference in their workplace. Firms large and small, formalized and decentralized, entrepreneurial and mature have put PDP to work with outstanding results. For best profitability and start-up sales, PDP Corporate recommends targeting organizations with an employee base of 50+.

How long do organizations use PDP?

The Licensee and client relationship is long-term. It is common for clients to reorder products and services. The Licensee sees recurring annual revenues, with low maintenance, from their clients.



November 12-15, 2019 or

January 14-17, 2020



PDP Representative Certification Registration Form


Day 1, 2, & 3 – 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (lunch provided)

Day 4 – 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (lunch provided)

  • Each training day is full of active and comprehensive learning to provide you with an in-depth understand of  PDP Metrics and how to promote and sell PDP’s Integrated Management System to client organizations.
  • Some pre-learning is required for you to maximize your time at PDP Global Headquarters. You will be provided access to the PDP eCampus to complete the interactive ProScan Mentor eCourse to prepare for your Representative Certification.
  • During your time here you will learn-by-doing. This includes role-play scenarios, interactive dialogue, and leading training yourself – all designed to provide you with the knowledge to hit the ground running as a PDP Representative.