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Welcome to an overview of PDP’s Strengths course.

If you are taking part in the ProScan Manager certification, please note that we have this course hyperlinked in the list so that you are aware of other courses that are available to you. However, you do not have access to this current course. The same is true for the COMMUNICATE and MANAGE courses. 

If you want to begin your certification immediately, close this tab and look for the “eCertificaiton Courses” section of the page on PDPworks. Start with “1. Personal Strengths QuickView Course.” This is a pre-requisite for the ProScan Mentor Course found just below the Personal Strengths QuickView Course.

Information on this course

This current course walks you through the ProScan Personal Strengths Report. An example of this report can be found here. You will receive customized feedback on your report. If you are interested in this course, please ask for it from the person who sent you here.


STRENGTHS Unlimited Course