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The ProScan Pathfinder course is designed for individuals who guide other toward success.

  • Develop the capabilities of individuals
  • Identify motivational factors
  • Reduce stress and conflict
  • Track an action plan for each individual

Manual Pages 42-43

Welcome to PDP’s ProScan Pathfinder Certification. This course is the fourth step in a sequence of courses leading to the PDP Professional Certification. You have already completed the Survey Sender, as well as the ProScan and Hiring Manager courses. The full sequence is below:











Blended Learning

The ProScan Pathfinder Certification is a combination of online (asynchronous content) and live/instructor-led training. Your manual will closely follow the PDP eCampus content and prepare you for interacting with your trainer. We encourage you to use a printed-out version of this manual to write notes and keep track of your learning. Some examples on the following pages are from your ProScan reports. If you are reading this manual online, we have also embedded numerous links that provide additional web content. These same links are in the PDP eCampus course.

NOTE: On each lesson and topic in this course, you will see the “Mark Complete” button activate after you have viewed the required content.

Necessary Items

  • Your personal PDP Manual-ProScan Pathfinder Section. If you have not already downloaded it from PDPworks, please do so before beginning this eCertification.
  • You may click on the “Materials” tab in each lesson to confirm which page you should be on in the PDP Manual.
  • A printed-out copy of your own Mentoring Report and Mentor Form.

ProScan Pathfinder

When you successfully complete this course, you will be better prepared to lead, coach, and/or mentor others. Each of these are slgihtly different, but the ProScan Reports will help you succeed in each of these endeavors.



More goal specific, it is designed to improve the employee’s ability to reach targeted goals for the organization.

Agenda is driven primarily by the leader in order to meet the specific outcomes based on employee’s position.

Outcomes are specific and measurable, demonstrating improvement and positive change in targeted areas.


More performance driven, it is designed to improve the professional’s on-the-job performance.

Agenda is co-created by the coach and the coachee in order to meet the specific needs of the coachee.

Outcome are specific and measurable, showing signs of improvement or positive change in the desired performance area.


More development driven, it is looking to both current job function and beyond, taking a more holistic approach to career development.

Agenda is primarily set by the mentee and supported by mentor.

Outcomes may shift over time with greater interest in the overall development of the mentee.

Course Content