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ProScan Manager Course

Leveraging the Metrics of PDP in the QuickView Reports

Manual Pages 4-6
Welcome to PDP’s ProScan Manager Certification. Welcome to PDP’s ProScan Manager Certification. This course is the first step in your training, which we hope you will continued the following are other courses:

Online Course Only

The ProScan Manager Certification is a fully online course, and this manual closely follows the PDP eCampus content. We encourage you to use a printed-out version of this manual to write notes and keep track of your learning. Some examples on the following pages are from your ProScan reports. If you are reading this manual online, we have also embedded numerous links that provide additional web content. These same links are in the PDP eCampus course.

NOTE: On each lesson and topic in this course, you will see the “Mark Complete” button activate after you have viewed the required content.

Necessary Items

  • Your personal ProScan Manager Manual. If you have not already downloaded it from PDPworks, please do so before beginning this eCertification.
  • You may click on the “Materials” tab in each lesson to confirm which page you should be on in the PDP Manual.
  • A printed-out copy of your own Manager QuickView.
  • A printed-out copy of the Manager QuickView for two of your people.



Sending the ProScan Survey

For this course, you must send out an invitation to complete the survey to two of your people and use their Manager QuickView reports during the second half of this course. See the image below or review the video on the eCampus for directions on sending out this survey.

Manual Page 5

Click on the presentation below

Manual Page 6


What do we mean by the term Manager?

For this certification, we will use the term ProScan Manager, which means getting things done through the aid of people and other resources.

Managing Others

This specialized training will provide the tools necessary to succeed in helping your employees to succeed. If you are new to managing or supervising others, or you have been doing it for years, this training will assist you in growing your capacity in this area. How will this happen? Answer—by training you to manage your people by understanding their strengths.

You might also be a teacher or instructor who is helping your students navigate the potential career possibilities. In this ProScan Manager course, you will learn how to use both the Manager QuickView to guide your students and the Career QuickView, which will help open up different ideas they could use in their career exploration.


Course Lessons

Starting on page 7 of your manual

The entire course requires the ProScan Manager Manual.  The topics discussed on this page are taken from Manual Pages 4, 5, & 6.

Manual Page 4 - Title = Start here! Manual page 8 - Title=What do we mean by the term Manager Manual page number 10 - Title= What will your learn?

Course Content