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Module 1B

Trait Pairs, Logic, & Energy

PDP Manual Pages 1.18-1.24

Overview of Module

In this module, you will learn about the other metrics from the Basic/Natural Self that the ProScan surveys measures. You will see how different traits interact with each other, determine how a person tends to approach decisions, and learn about an individual’s style and amount of energy.

Major Topics of this Lesson

Trait Pairs

  • A combination of 2 traits
  • All have at least 2 and up to 5
  • + = Above  / – = Below the Mid-Line


  • Fact
  • Balance
  • Feeling


  • Energy Style
  • Kinetic Energy Level

Hours to complete lesson


Course Progress so far

Open Manual to page 1.18. 

Begin the Interactive Presentation.

When you have completed the presentation, return here and take the Knowledge Check/Quiz below. That quiz may also be found on page 1.23-24 in your PDP Manual.


Knowledge Check (Quiz) 1.23-1.24

Course Lessons