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Survey Sender Certification (1 hour 15 minutes)

Learn how to find your way around PDPworks including the sending out of invitations as well as managing folders and information.

Lesson 1 : STRENGTHS Unlimited

Discover your own Personal Strengths as recorded in the PDP Reports:

  • consider how you might use your own most effective style of operating can be used in your current position
  • discover your communication, leadership, and back-up styles
  • determine your unique motivators and learn to use them


Lesson 2 : Survey Entries

Learn how to:

  • create ProScan invitation links
  • send invitations to take ProScan, Applicant, and JDA surveys
  • manually input information from paper forms


Lesson 3 : Edit & Resend Invitations

Learn how to edit and resend previously created invitations


Lesson 4: Folders

Learn how to edit or archive folders


Lesson 5 :Pre-Purchase or Platinum "Widget"

Gold Plan Accounts-Create, Edit, Archive, Add Funds, and Transfer funds

Platinum Plan Accounts-Understanding how to use Platinum “widgets”


Lesson 6 : User Menu

Working with Access, Folders, and Pre-purchase accounts


Survey Senders


Survey Senders possess a foundational understanding of generating and creating PDP Reports used by PDP Professionals and ProScan Mentors. They also have a solid working knowledge of the folder structure their company employs in organizing PDP data.

NOTE: This course used to be called “PDP Assistant”

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