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ProScan Manager Course

Leveraging the Metrics of PDP in the QuickView Reports

Necessary Items

  • Your own PDP Manual. If you have not already downloaded it from PDPworks, please do so before beginning this eCertification.
  • We will be in the Manual’s ProScan Manager Section (Part #1).
  • You may click on the “Materials” tab in each lesson to confirm which page you should be on in the PDP Manual.

Managing Others

This specialized training will provide the tools necessary to succeed in helping your employees to succeed. If you are new to managing or supervising others, or you have been doing it for years, this training will assist you in growing your capacity in this area. How will this happen? Answer—by training you to manage your people by understanding their strengths.

What do we mean by the term Manager?

For this certification, we will use the term ProScan Manager, which means getting things done through the aid of people and other resources.


Course Content