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Hiring Manager Certification

Welcome to the Hiring Manager Course from PDP Global

This course is designed for you to learn about the metrics PDP Global offers in the ProScan and JobScan modules as well as how you can use these metrics in the hiring process. The first lesson is taken directly from our STRENGTHS Unlimited course. It will give you a basic understanding of your own unique strengths as described by the ProScan. For this first lesson, please have your Personal Strengths Report or Personal Dynamics Report (Section 1) available to refer to.   If you have recently taken the STRENGTHS course, you may wish to click “Mark Complete” in that lesson to move on to the JobScan section of the certification. Beginning with the second lesson, you will walk through how to use different  JobScan reports in the hiring process. In each lesson, you will also learn how to create each of the reports and find ones previously created in If you have additional questions not addressed in this course, contact your PDP Professional for clarification or leave a note in one the “Comment Sections” found on most pages. At the very end of the certification, there will be a short quick that will allow you to demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired in this course. A 75% score is required to pass, but you may retake the quiz as needed. Remember that what you will learn here is one piece of a larger pie. PDP’s job matching may be a very important piece, but when you are making hiring decisions, it is imperative that you also include factors like relevant work experience, past job performance, skills, education, etc.  With that understood, let’s begin. Please click on the Lessons below to begin your interactive learning experience.

The course takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete.


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