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Facilitating ProScan Mentor Certification

Certifying ProScan Mentors

Facilitator Introduction

In this course, you will experience the same lessons as your learners. As you go through this eCertification course please pay attention to three important  points:

  • Become familiar with the PDP metrics so that you can authoritatively discuss them with your future learners.
  • See how this eCertification functions so you can feel comfortable answering questions your learners may have about the on-line course.
  • Consider what portions of the eCertification you may wish to leverage with you learners before they ever enter your classroom.

All participants are provided a 1-year access to these on-line resources, so consider how you might use them to your advantage! 



In our Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Instructors are referred to as  “Group Leaders.”
  • Learners in your course are part of “Groups.” 

Unless otherwise arranged, you are currently NOT designated as a “Group Leader.” We do this so you see exactly what you learner will see. However, if at this point you want to be designated now as Group Leader in the LMS, so you can see how it works with your information, you may contact and request that change.

Gradebook Instructions

As a Group Leader, you have access to a Gradebook about your learners. Think of the Gradebook as a place where you can find transcripts and information about what your learners are doing in the eCampus. Among other bits of information, you can learn from the gradebook the following information about your learners:

  • Results (of test Scores): You can see how many times a learner has taken a test and what percentages they received. (NOTE: In this eCertification, learners may retake the test as many times as they wish until they pass the test/quiz)
  • Timing: You can see how long they have been in the course and in each lesson.
  • Dates: You can see when they first started and the last time they were in the course.
  • Progress: You  can see how many lessons and which lessons they have successfully completed.

Click Gradebook Instructions for more detailed information about how to operate the grade book. If you want to begin, you can start below. 

The following is what your learners will experience in the ProScan Mentor eCertification Course.

The following information will be the same as what your learners will see. If you have questions or comments, please get in touch with

Necessary Items

  • A copy of your own ProScan Personal Dynamics Report printed out and in front of you. If you do not have this report, please request a copy from the person who sent you to this course.
  • Your own ProScan Mentor Manual. If you have not already received this in the mail, please note that you can begin without it. However, the course will go much more smoothly if you wait until receive it before beginning this eCertification.
  • The email address(es) for your instructor(s) – This is needed because you will be forwarding updates throughout the course from various Questions for Reflection
Coffee Bean


Most images in the presentations and in the quizzes (like graphs) can be enlarged by clicking on the image. They will typically open up in a new tab. Once you are finished viewing the image and wish to answer the question, return to the previous tab or close the overlay.

Perfect Blend

A variety of different lessons make up the course content (see below). The progress bar on most pages keeps track of which lesson you have completed.

When you click on a lesson you will be brought to a page where you can launch an interactive presentation that opens in an overlay. It will be important for you to close that overlay after you are done with that presentation to complete  a “Question for Reflection,” practice exercise, or quiz associated with that lesson.  If you exit the course part way through, your place will be saved for you for when you return.

Open the Interactive Presentation

Check out the introductory presentation about the course here. The presentations will open up in an overlay. When you are done, close the overlay and return here to progress with the course.


Course Progress so far

We will provide on each lesson the progress you are making through the course

Hours to complete


Course Lessons

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