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Welcome to an overview of PDP’s COMMUNICATE course.

If you are taking part in the ProScan Manager, Mentor, or PDP Professional certifications, please note that we have this course hyperlinked in the list so that you are aware of other courses that can be available to you. However, you do not have access to this current course.  The same is true for the MANAGE and STRENGTHS courses.

If you want to begin your certification immediately, close this tab and look for the appropriate course in the “eCertificaiton Courses” section of the page on PDPworks.

NOTE: If you are in the ProScan Manager, start with “1. Personal Strengths QuickView Course.” This is a pre-requisite for the ProScan Mentor Course found just below the Personal Strengths QuickView Course.

Information on this course

This current course walks you through how better to communicate with individuals of different traits.  If you are interested in this course, please ask for it from the person who sent you here.


Developing effective communication skills


This course is designed to make you a better one-on-one communicator by teaching you how to leverage your unique Communication Style. It trains you on how to build a communication bridge to the individual with whom you are speaking.
If you would like access to this course, please contact your PDP Representative or contact PDP Global at

What You Need Prior to Beginning

  • A copy of your own ProScan Report printed out and in front of you. If you do not have this report, please request a copy from the person who sent you to this course.
  • A printed copy of the COMMUNICATE: PowerApp Workbook.




Brief Overview

Two different lessons make up the course content (see below). The progress bar to to the right keeps track of which lesson you have completed.

When you click on a lesson, you will be brought to a page where you can launch an interactive presentation that opens in a new window. It will be important for you to close that window and return to the eCampus after you are done with that presentation in order to take the quiz or complete the survey associated with that lesson. You will be required to complete and pass each quiz before you are allowed to move on. If you exit the course part way through, your place will be saved for you for when you return.

NOTE: In the Building Bridges Action Plan, you will be provided a form in which you will type in your action plan. This form will then be emailed to your supervisor (and instructor if applicable).

Course Lessons

Course Content